Korean Class 101

I owe a lot to the podcasts of Korean Class 101. The hours of listening practice that I did with this podcast, and the handy transcripts they provided were key in allowing me to break through to fluency in Korean. Back in 2007 there were scarcely any Korean learning resources apart from collections of very dry textbooks produced by the major universities in Korea. The texts in those books were often unnatural, and did not introduce you to the aspects of day to day life in Korea, in the interesting and engaging way that Korean Class 101 does.

You can listen to their podcasts completely free, but the main problem with this is that you can’t download past episodes and you don’t have access to lesson notes.

These are several of the benefits you get from signing up to a premium account:

  • Access to all the archives (thousands of hours of listening material)
  • My Feed: the ability to synch podcasts from the series and learning level that you want to learn from through itunes
  • PDF lesson notes
  • 2000 Core Words and Phrases
  • Smartphone and tablet application (ideal for learning on the go)

Click the banner below to sign up for a premium account (and to give me a small amount of commission):

Click Here to Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com

Talk to me in Korean

Talk to Me in Korean is another excelent podcast which has become available more recently, and which is produced by Hyunwoo Sun, an ex-host of Korean Class 101. I plan to write more about the excellent work Hyunwoo has done for the Korean learning community very soon.

Podcasts Intended for Native Speakers

I have posted about several podcasts that are intended for native speakers and therefore make good listening material for intermediate learners and above. Here are links to some of the posts where I introduce these:


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