Some Essential, Fiery Korean Phrases

“Shit Koreans Say” is a You Tube video starring J-REYEZ and Lydia Paek (is that 박?), two Candian artists who are ethnically Korean but claim they don’t speak the language very well. I was surprised to read this as their pronunciation is really good for most of it, and I was only really able to notice a couple of slightly unnatural word choices on a second, more detailed listen.

I’m posting this because it’s funny but also because these are all phrases you should know as a Korean learner. They’re all extremely common and are good evidence for the famous fiery temperament of Koreans which has them sometimes known as the Italians of Asia!

I’ve transcribed the phrases in Korean below the video. Note the use of ‘~’ added as a suffix in Korean, which indicates the drawing out of a syllable. I’ve also included a few extra usage notes from my own knowledge which I hope are useful. And finally, be careful with using some of these yourself as many are informal phrases (반말) meant for close friends or those younger than you.


Hey! (getting attention)

너 미첬어?  / 너 미쳤니? (sounds feminine)
Are you crazy?

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Men, Women, and Trivial Everyday Things

Here are the first three episodes and transcripts of a very amusing Korean TV show called 남녀탐구생활. The Best translation I could come up with is “an investigation into the lives of men and women” but if anyone can suggest a better one then do let me know it.

Thanks to friends from Lang-8 for writing these for me.

Import them into LingQ and get studying.

Episode 1 – Blind Dating

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