Some Essential, Fiery Korean Phrases

“Shit Koreans Say” is a You Tube video starring J-REYEZ and Lydia Paek (is that 박?), two Candian artists who are ethnically Korean but claim they don’t speak the language very well. I was surprised to read this as their pronunciation is really good for most of it, and I was only really able to notice a couple of slightly unnatural word choices on a second, more detailed listen.

I’m posting this because it’s funny but also because these are all phrases you should know as a Korean learner. They’re all extremely common and are good evidence for the famous fiery temperament of Koreans which has them sometimes known as the Italians of Asia!

I’ve transcribed the phrases in Korean below the video. Note the use of ‘~’ added as a suffix in Korean, which indicates the drawing out of a syllable. I’ve also included a few extra usage notes from my own knowledge which I hope are useful. And finally, be careful with using some of these yourself as many are informal phrases (반말) meant for close friends or those younger than you.


Hey! (getting attention)

너 미첬어?  / 너 미쳤니? (sounds feminine)
Are you crazy?

Wanna die?

Damn it! (expression of annoyance)

야 너 입 닥쳐! 응?
Shut your mouth!

야 너도 죽을래?
You wanna die too?

야 많이 먹어 (intonation rises) 빨리!
Eat a lot.. Hurry!

Hello? (when on the phone)

왜 말이 많아?  – sound like 많어
Why are you talking so much? (

안녕 (cute voice)

야~ 너 왜 그러니 지금?  – last syllable stretches out; a characteristic of scolding
Hey what’s wrong with you write now? (said either accusatory or out of concern)

왜 그래?
What’s wrong with you?  – often means, why are you doing/acting like that?

빨리 와 나 배고파!
Come quick, I’m hungry!

너무 맛있어~
So delicious

야 밥 먹을래?
Do you wanna eat?

엄마~ 밥!
Mom, food!

밥 줘!
Give me food! (= I wanna eat now!)

조금 있다(가) 할개 – note 조금 sounds more like 제금 here
I’ll do it a little later (perfect for giving an excuse)

지금 좀 바쁜데…
I’m a little busy now (infers this is the reason that the speaker can’t do something)

Alright (= I got it)

좀 있다가 나갈개
I’ll go out in a bit

야 휴지!
Hey! Toilet paper.. (= bring me it)

Hey [older brother]!

Note: Oppa is the perfect way for a girl to get a guy’s attention; also not said by men, unless referring to oneself in a playful manner

오빠.. 나 이거 빠리 먹을 수 있다
Older brother.. I can eat this really quick (this is a silly kind of 자랑/showing off)

여보세요? 엄마 왜 전화 해? – the pronunciation on this one doesn’t sound native to me
Hello? Mum, why are you calling me?

아 누구하고 전화해?
Who are you talking with on the phone?

나 지금 진짜로 화났어!
I’m really angry now!

리모트 콘트롤 – note 리모트콘 is more commonly used in Korea
[Gimmie the] Remote control

소리가 안 나와요
There’s no sound [lit. the sound is not coming out]

왜 말을 안 들어?
Why aren’t you listening [to me]?

An expression of encouragement, the closest English has is you can do it (it is NOT ‘cheer up’, as it is often mistranslated as). Interchangeable with カンバレ in Japanese.

물 좀 갔다줘 오빠
Bring me some water, older brother

빅방 누군지 알아? – pronunciation of Big Bang doesn’t sound Korean
Do you know who Big Bang are?

당연하지 알지!
Of course it is – you know that!

에어 콘디션너 좀 올려놔 – note that again, in Korea people are more likely to say 에어콘
Turn up the air con a bit

오빠 안 추워요?
Older brother, aren’t you cold?

먹어 볼래요?
Wanna try (eat) it?

다 먹어 벌였어
I completely ate it all

배고파 뭐 사줘요!
I’m hungry.. Buy me something!

안돼! (note the intonation here)
You can’t (or, it can’t be done / it’s impossible)

그여자 예쁘다~ 응?
That girl is pretty, isn’t she?

Note: from my experience the only correct answer to this question is no, you are more beautiful –> 네가 더 예쁜데


At the end, Lydia sings the first few lines a little nursery rhyme about a rabbit going somewhere, but I’m not going to transcribe that as the rest took longer to transcribe than I thought it would.

회이팅 여러분!


2 Comments on “Some Essential, Fiery Korean Phrases”

  1. Dae-yong says:

    재밌어요 잘 읽었어요~ㅎ

  2. Shawn Lazarus says:

    I used this to traumatize my Korean friend 😀 love it!

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